Acoustic Landscapes


Acoustic Landscapes is a Norwegian label focusing on unique artists, acoustic spaces and clean natural sound. Improvised music is an important part of Acoustic Landscapes' vision to convey spontaneity in recordings both live and in studio. We try to avoid use of compressors and limiters to achieve the most natural, organic and dynamic real-life sound you can imagine. Acoustic Landscapes was founded and created by Alf Wilhelm Lundberg, a guitarist, pianist and composer who collaborates frequently with partners in Hungary, Italy, Germany and U.K with the purpose to bring fresh interesting quality music out to the people. The label has a focus on Hi-quality 24bit sound, which can be purchased directly from the company's website or from

In 2019 we are finally releasing lots of interesting music again after some intense years in the studio recording and mixing. The first release this year is the young guitar prodigy Jostein Hodne that will release his single “Amber” in June. Then for the fall we have an incredible line up of releases that we are sure will make a strong impact on many listeners out there. First out is the 18-year old guitar-prodigy Jostein Hodne that will release his debutalbum “Small Steps” the 2nd October with a releaseconcert Saturday 5th October. Then Alf Wilhelm Lundberg will release his first soloalbum featuring original music only on Friday 4th October: The Beauty and the Beast - Live at Nidarosdomen! The release concert will be the same day at Kafè Victoria at Ringve Musical Museum at 18.00!

The first artist to launch on the label was the norwegian group Norchestra, who made their 10-year anniversary as a group with releasing "Live in Tysvær 2001", exactly 10-years after their debut concert as a group 3rd of August 2001. This was a digital release only, released the 3rd August 2011, serving as a warm-up for the follow up album "New Galaxy" which was released early 2012. Norchestra achieved great success for their debut album “Norchestra” that was released in Norway in 2008, where critics described the group as something truly unique, mixing adventurous, challenging and complex compositions with spontaneous and energetic improvisation, creating their own unique style. This is a unique formula Norchestra invented already back in 2000, long time before anyone knew about this group. Also the mix between compositions written for piano and classical guitar made the album varied and enriching both sound and musicwise.

"New Galaxy" represents an interesting development of the group's sound, bringing a new instrument into focus: The Brahmsguitar. This classical guitar has 2 ekstra strings, and extends the range of the traditional classical guitar with more than an octave. The 5 guitar compositions on this album were originally written for 6-string classical guitar, but were quickly adapted and arranged for the 8-string Brahmsguitar after Alf Wilhelm Lundberg (the band's composer and artistic leader) placed his order for this instrument in the end of 2009. Already in June 2010 the recording of this follow-up album began, and with a nice mix of adventurous piano and guitar compositions this album lived up to the big expectations the band got after releasing its highly acclaimed debut record "Norchestra" in 2008.

In June 2013 “Hidden Dimension” by Szabó/Lundberg/Major was released, the first international colaboration on this label. This Hungarian-Norwegian improvised meeting resulted in some really interesting soundscapes. Everything was recorded in one day in a Concert House in Vac, Hungary, and all the material was free improvised.

“Christmas Improvisations” by Alf Wilhelm Lundberg was released 29th November 2013, followed by a European tour in Norway, England, Germany and Italy in December. This was Lundberg’s debut as a solo artist, and resulted in a rave reviews both for the concerts as well as the of the CD. If you listen to these Christmas improvisations, you will discover that the term “Improvisation” here is used in an extended way, not only for the modern jazz arrangements of well known Christmas Songs, but also improvisation is widely used in the classical Christmas carols using a more classical tonal and contrapuntal language. This is one of the very first releases in the world displaying the use of contrapuntal improvisation on the guitar, a concept mostly used in the Baroque era while classical performers and composers where still improvising actively. However due to the guitar’s limitations contrapuntal improvisation has not been used much on the guitar. The Brahms guitar’s two extra strings and added range makes this easier to achieve, but more importantly it is Lundberg’s pianistical approach to the instrument that leads his playing of the guitar into new territories.

In 2015, Surrounded By the Fortress was released as a single together with the environment Festival in Trondeim to support climate research. This commissioned work written for the guitar festival in Trondheim displays the meeting between technology and man, and it is thus written for 8-string Brahms guitar and a sampler.

In 2016, Duo Magico, one of the world’s first  specialized 8-string guitar duos, released their debut album “Colonial Colors”. Allthough the duo consists of two Norwegians, this is practically a meeting between North and South. Per Olav Kobberstad has studied and played with many of the greatest musicians in South-America, whereas Alf Wilhem Lundberg mostly worked with his own compositions drawing inspiration from the North.

In 2017 we will finally release our first classical music production. Sapere Aude Guitar Duo are absolute perfectionists when it comes to sound and playing technique, and they are simply one of the best guitar duos in Norway, with vivid interplay they convey the music of the classical guitar from the 19th century in Paris. The duo wanted to record their debut cd in Acoustic Landscapes Studios, and everything went like a dream with great sound as well as great playing, so we decided that it would be great to release this music on our label as well! “Notre Ennuis” will be released 21st august 2017 on CD, as well as in streaming outlets like Tidal, Apple Music and Spotify. On August 26th they will celebrate this release with a concert at the guitarfestival Akustiske Landskap, we hope to see you there!


A new label "Acoustic Landscapes" is born!

Photo: Giuliano Piselli, Lofoten, Norway